Account activation error in the windows nuitrack application.

Hello, could you help me with this error I’m experiencing?

I created an account on Nuitrack to request a license, initially a trial one, but when I tried to activate it in the Nuitrack application, I got the following error:

(Activation error: NuitrackException: Server error response: License signature is incorrect. Wrong serial)

I have already reset the license several times and even created a new user, but the issue persists.

Could you please guide me on what to do to solve this error? It’s urgent. Thank you.

Hi @jhernandez

Your Kinect sensor has zero serial number (see [000000000000000] shown on your screenshot). That’s unfortunate problem with some old Kinect V1 sensors.

Nuitrack does not support such sensors.

The only thing I can advise is to change the sensor. If you’ve purchased a commercial license, send us an email to

Hi @jhernandez

Do you have any more questions?