Data management and session recording

Hello everyone ,

I will start the trial and I have few questions

  • For multiple sensors, do we have a system with a master host that will collect and manage all the data collected by the other sensor?

  • Can we record the session on .fbx with Nuitrack or do we need to have a 3rd party solution to record this ( Blender or Unity )

thanks in advance

Thanks guys for your help.
I didnt start the trial and Im already disapointed.
I have a question ( easy and basic questions) and I do not have any response, so I can imagine if you purchase the product what type of support you will have !
I will go for another solution !

Hi @Maximo, we’re really sorry for not meeting your expectations.

However we should say it is a community forum and Nuitrack Team process it on a best-effort basis.
As you can see most of topics answered within a few (1-3) business days.
There are multiple dedicated support channels for customers (including direct

Going to your questions (could be useful for all those who interested):

  • currently we support only single host with a multiple sensors, so there is no network-related / inter-host interactions and all sensors should be attached directly this single “master” host
  • Nuitrack currently couldn’t be used out-of-box as a mo-cap system (incld. fbx export), but we have a dedicated Unity tutorial on this use-case (motion capture based on Nuitrack), this could be useful as a starting point