[Feature Request] Nuitrack and touchdesigner

Hi I’m traying to link nutriak to touchDesigner program.
I would like to know if it would be possible, using the samples in the SDK, to send the gestures recognized to touchDesigner

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Hi @anna ,

currently Nuitrack doesn’t support TouchDesigner officially, but we seriously consider adding it in the short-term.
Could you please help us to understand :

  • what was the inspiration/source of idea to use Nuitrack with TouchDesigner ?
  • what the primary use-cases for such combination ?
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Hi @TAG,

Not the OP, but would love to see this implemented into touchdesigner as well.

  • what was the inspiration/source of idea to use Nuitrack with TouchDesigner ?
    There is currently no way for the Intel Realsense to do skeletal tracking in touchdesigner as Intel dropped the cubmos sdk a couple of months ago.

  • what the primary use-cases for such combination?
    Interactive installations, art, etc.

Thank you and I hope this can be implemented very soon as I know a number of artists and designers are incredibly frustrated by the lack of skeletal tracking for the realsense in TouchDesigner.


Also not the OP, but I would also love to see TouchDesigner integration.

  • Inspiration
    Currently there are two primary means of skeletal tracking in the interactive art/attraction space right now, Kinect (which is heavily bottlenecked by sensor production, but has good yet limited body tracking integrated in TD), and sensors supported by Nuitrack (sensors are more widely produced and available, tracking is supreme, but no TD integration)
  • Primary use case:
    Immersive / interactive art museums and other attractions are a booming industry despite the pandemic. As a studio I would happily license 10+ clients per year, most with multiple sensors/machines, and I know plenty of others who are looking to do the same.

Please support TouchDesigner asap.

Hi all, thank you for all the thoughtful insights on TouchDesigner support (any additional ones would be also appreciated).

TouchDesigner is planned for the next two quarters (but as usually could be shifted by a paid customization projects).
If you have some urgent need in this integration and specific volume demand - please let us know (by messaging tag@3divi.com directly).


I’m also interested in a TouchDesigner for Nuitrack. Hope it will be soon released :slight_smile:

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Interested in touchdesigner integration. That could bring body tracking other than kinect.

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Checking back on this and adding my +1. Would love to have skeletal tracking with RealSense in Touchdesigner. It seems the range and accuracy of the RealSense is better perhaps than Kinect?
For use in Immersive Interactive art performance.
Looking forward to this!



Any update on TouchDesigner integration?

Hi there,
We’re at a final stage of releasing first revision of TouchDesigner integration and have a special proposal for early adopters.
It’s important for us to get familiar with TouchDesigner users, so we prepared a short feedback form - you are welcome to fill it by the link. We’ll be sending a release candidate to try it out and free Nuitrack licenses (for TouchDesigner) to the most informative responders.


fyi @anna, @Kalm, @JoshuahJest, @icall, @thierry, @Michae, @JoshuahJest

Hi @here, thank for those who sent a feedback through our survey form.

We urge those interested who haven’t done it yet to do that, as the amount of “traction” and useful insights greatly impacts the future of Nuitrack plugin for Touch Designer.


Hi @here!
This is the Nuitrack Team, we are excited to announce the :rocket:beta testing of the Nuitrack Skeleton Tracking plugin for TouchDesigner.
If you’re interested in Skeleton Tracking :man_dancing: with Orbbec, RealSense or Kinect sensors (v1, v2, Azure) :movie_camera:, you’re welcome to try out package :package:

Thank You! That is a lifesaver, I bought a realsense D354 cam for an interactive exhibition I just find out that there is no more skeleton tracking SDK available online. Wow, such a good moment to release this plugin with an integration to TD!
Is there any plans to integrate AI object detection and facial expression data to Touchdesigner Plugin as well? That would be awesome, imagine interactive and immersive art exhibition where visuals are generated based on people belonings and clothes! That will be sick! :star_struck:

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