Kinect 2 error with c#

Hi Vpenades,

  1. Please make sure that you use the latest Nuitrack SDK version and you updated reference to in your project.
  2. What Kinect do you use? Is it Kinect V2 or V1?
  3. Have you ever installed LIPS SDK or ASUS Xtion SDK to your PC?
  4. Try to move SenDuck.dll to a different folder.

Hi Olga

Yes, we’re using the latest Nuitrack SDK ver 0.27 , and Kinect V2.

We did install LIPS SDK a while ago, but since then we uninstalled it, it is possible LIPS SDK, even after uninstall, it left some garbage? do you have specific information about it?

We’ll try to move SenDuck.dll and see what happens…

We also have random crashes (freezes) pretty often in Unity when using nuitrack v.0.29.0 with the Kinect v2 even with your latest RoomDemo (just grabbed it today from GitHub) on different windows machines. We never installed LIPS SDK or ASUS Xtion SDK to our PC’s and don’t have a SenDuck.dll anywhere.

I’m not sure, if this error is logged everytime when crashing, but I found this exception in the Unity log afterwards:

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at nuitrack.NativeSkeletonTracker.OnSkeletonUpdateCallback (System.IntPtr dataPtr) [0x00007] in :0
at (wrapper managed-to-native) nuitrack.NativeImporter.nuitrack_Update()
at nuitrack.NativeNuitrack.Update () [0x00000] in :0
at nuitrack.Nuitrack.Update () [0x0000a] in :0
at NuitrackManager.Update () [0x00001] in C:…\RoomDemo\Assets\Scripts\NuitrackManager.cs:149