nuitrack.BadConfigValueException: NuitrackException (BadConfigValueException) error when trying to use a .bag file as input to Nuitrack in Unity


I have got Nuitrack working in Unity using the RealSense L515 camera but am now trying to use a .bag file as an input instead. From looking at previous posts I have tried copying the path of the .bag file to the Realsense2Module.FileRecord in the nuitrack.config file but I get the “nuitrack.BadConfigValueException: NuitrackException (BadConfigValueException)” error. As I understand it, this error pops up if there’s a syntax error in “nuitrack.config” or if a user specifies the path to “nuitrack.config” in “Nuitrack.Init()”.

I have checked my code from “nuitrack.config” using a JSON formatter & validator and it says it is valid so I don’t think that is the problem.
(Here is the only line of code I have edited:
“FileRecord”: “C:\Users\johns\Dropbox\PC\Documents\20210928_174406.bag”,)

When it comes to checking if a user specifies the path to “nuitrack.config” in “Nuitrack.Init()” I am not entirely sure I know what this means. Is “Nuitrack.Init()” a function? Where can I find it? (I am still fairly new to Nuitrack and Unity)
When I run Nuitrack in unity nothing seems to happen and I get this error message. If anyone had any suggestions to solve this error it would be much appreciated.

Ps I am using the latest version of Nuitrack in Windows 11

Thanks in advance

  • John