Nuitrack License Tool unresponsive

I have installed Nuitrack on Ubuntu 16.04. Then I then typed in
to get the screen that says “Nuitrack Please, activate Nuitrack for this device”

The window for “Enter Activation Key” cannot be clicked so I cannot type anything in.

When I clicked Compatibility test, a new window opens but even after several minutes, nothing happens.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

This is version 0.28.0

I managed to get it to open nuitrack_sample, which shows some image for a few seconds before saying “Please get a license at”. Looks promising.

However, when I tried to run nuitrack_license_tool, and click “Compatibility Test”, it also shows a moving image from my camera for a few seconds, then stops. It says “Test completed!”, but the Enter Activation Key field is still greyed out and I cannot type anything in.

I finally got it to work, after changing write permissions for the data folder. It’s not obvious that this is causing the problem. To make this easier for everyone, this should be included in the standard instructions.

It might be the same problem as mine:

As it turns out, if the testing is completed but you still see a greyed-out input box, it may be due to the fact that the application cannot write the results into the folder. You need to change the permission of the data folder, which is in /usr/etc/nuitrack

Go to this folder and then type:
sudo chown -R $USER:$USER data/
(replace “USER” with your username)