Nuitrack RGB Issue

We are developing products on Android platform using Unity, Nuitrack, and Astra cameras.

It tries to display RGB streaming video and Joint Skeleton simultaneously through the Astra camera.

I succeeded in organizing the menu in the first Scene and displaying RGB streaming video and Joint Skeleton in the next scene.

But in the second scene,
Moving to the first Scene and trying to enter the second Scene again will cause problems with RGB streaming images and the display of the Joint Skeleton.

I think that’s the problem with destroying the texture at the end.
It doesn’t work in any way.

What is the problem?

Are the skeleton and RGB not moving or do they have artifacts? Try to reload the scene, as well as Nuitrack. Also please take a look at this topic: Reload unity scene with Nuitrack

The attached link is wrong.
Can you tell me again?