Nuitrack With OpenCV 3.4

Hello Everyone,
I want to use NuiTrack with OpenCV 3.4.

During compilation I get warning about " /usr/bin/ld: warning:, needed by, may conflict with "

I’m Using Ubuntu 16.04, NuiTrack Latest SDk, Intel D415, librealsense 2.15.0, OpenCV 3.4.1, CMake 3.11.4.

I want to know is there a way to bypass this so that I can use OpenCV 3.4.1 alongside NuiTrack. Otherwise I cannot use Body Tracking and OpenCV 3.X.X simultaneously.


@olga.kuzminykh Do you have any news about the problem I’m facing? We need OpenCV 3.X support badly.


Hi, we are having a similar problem that is blocking our development. The behavior we get is that once we install our application (supposedly with a different openCV version), it starts once (we are trying to figure how why…) and then never lets Nuitrack start again, which causes our app, in turn not to start a second time.

We guess the reason may be that we install a different version of openCV (at first use) than eventually messes up (badly) everything. It would be good to know which exact version of openCV is being used by each version of Nuitrack to be able to make sure no mismatches are generated.

Guys at Nuitrack please help!

Hi Deve,
The exact version for OpenCV that NuiTrack uses is OpenCV 2.4.8 . Here is the link

This works fine and you may do whatever opencv operations you want. But the issue is we want to use OpenCV 3.4.x preferably. Unfortunately it’s not ready yet for their side. It would be nice to have dnn module along side NuiTrack applications.

I was talking with their staff and they said they are already working on it. Hope see a release in near future.



thanks for your feedback.

We’re working on moving to OpenCV 3.4. It is planned to use static OpenCV libraries so that Nuitrack won’t conflict with the OpenCV version installed on the system and developers will be able to use any OpenCV version.

It’s nice to hear that. How long it will take for the next release?


Hi everyone, any news on this issue and the release of a possible fix?
I’m facing the same problem and I’m failing to build opencv 2.4.8 for Ubuntu18.

Updated Nuitrack with OpenCV 3.4 will be released approximately in the next one or two moths (depending on the testing process).

That’s great, thanks for the quick reply.

Support for OpenCV 3.4 was added yesterday. Please update Nuitrack to v0.28.0. Besides, we’ve created Nuitrack personal account and changed licensing procedure. Please follow the instructions below after you update Nuitrack:

Hi @olga.kuzminykh

How is the progress on Nuitrack using static libraries? I am trying to use a different OpenCV version and am having the same linking warning as in the original post (with a different OpenCV version, but the same idea :smiley:)

Hi @AndreiCostinescu,

What other version of OpenCV are you using? The transition from the dynamic OpenCV library to the static library isn’t yet in our plans at the moment, primarily due to low demand.

Thanks for your reply! I’m using OpenCV 4.5.3 now :slight_smile: