Opening Nuitrack

Sorry, this is a complete beginners question.
How do I open Nuitrack . I’ve opened the package in Ubuntu.

I get the message : All done

in the terminal.

How do I gain access to my Orbbec Persee from here?
How do I see what my camera sees?

OK, I get the following when I write Nuitrack in the terminal:
Can’t enumerate devices: AstraProPerseeDepth Provider: can’t open device (device open using default: no device found)

how come?

I’ve connected Orbbec’s persee with an HDMI cable to my laptop running Ubuntu 18.x.x

Hi Ananda Vimal,

Persee/TVico isn’t just a depth sensor, it’s a standalone device/computer. In this case processing should be done by Nuitrack software on the device itself (not on the laptop/PC). You can transfer results of processing to the host/laptop/PC as described in