Problem with camera when rebooting


I have a Intel RealSense and I have a weird problem that every time I reboot I have to unplug the camera and plug it back in for it to work. Is this a known bug or has anyone been able to fix this if they have experienced it? The problem doesn’t occur with the RealSense app only with Nuitrack.

Not exactly ideal for a production environment.

Hi Lewi,

Please advise what platform and Nuitrack runtime version do you use?

Hi its windows 10 and the latest runtime from the nuitrack website as of last week.

  1. What sample do you run?
  2. Do you use 32-bit or 64-bit version of Nuitrack?
  3. What errors occur?
  4. What is your RealSense firmware version?

The nuitrack application in the activation tools.
64bit. It just comes up with either a screen with a white square in the top left and the rest is black. Or it shows the GUI but the screen is black. And the Unity build will crash. But as I said if I unplug the camera then replug it. All works fine.

Also the camera is running the latest firmware.

Please advise do you see the sensor in Device Manager after rebooting?

Hi yes it was and worked in the Intel Real Sense Viewer. However as of yesterday it just started to work upon reboot. No updates or system changes. Pretty weird but it works. One other question. Is it known if Nuitrack works on an iMac with windows 10 installed?


We had something like that… and the computer needs to have a keyboard at boot to avoid the camera problem… Weird but it works!

We haven’t checked Nuitrack on iMac with Windows 10. Please check Nuitrack Trial in this environment but note that you may encounter some issues connected to the drivers in this case.

So I am still having trouble with this. Im running an Intel NUC and when the machine reboots it’s fine, however if the machine has cold booted up from being turned off then Nuitrack doesn’t work until the camera is removed and reinserted.

Freshly installed latest Intel Real Sense drivers, latest firmware and latest Nuitrack installation and SDK.

Running Windows 10 with an Intel Real Sense D435.

Hi Lewi,

It seems that this issue is connected to the USB power supply. Unfortunately, we cannot reproduce this problem because we don’t have an Intel NUC at our office at the moment.

I have the same problem on Ubuntu16 with AAEON UP Board and D415.
rs-depth utility works after reboot but nuitrack does not:

terminate called after throwing an instance of 'tdv::nuitrack::TerminateException'
  what():  Realsense2DepthProvider: rs2_set_option(options:0x7f7244000a30, option:Visual Preset, value:5):
    get_xu(id=2) failed! Last Error: Input/output error
Aborted (core dumped)

Re-plugging the camera after reboot fixes the error.

My problem definitely seems to be the NUC player (tested with 2 different NUC types) and not even the real sense viewer works on first cold boot up.

Alright I’ve tested it with a surface device and no such problem exists. It’s definitely with the Intel NUC. Weird that Intel makes both but they don’t work properly.

Nuitrack 0.28.0 was released yesterday. The cold boot issue with RealSense was fixed. Please update Nuitrack, go to nuitrack.config and set "DeviceHardwareReset" to true. Besides, we created Nuitrack personal account and changed licensing process. Please follow the instructions below after you update Nuitrack: