[SOLVED] How to solve this problem?


Firstly, I’m sorry that I’m super rookie in development.

When I start ‘First Project’ in Nuitrack SDK, I get an error like this :

EntryPointNotFoundException: nuitrack_InitializeFromConfig_E
nuitrack.NativeNuitrack.Init (System.String config) (at <4a8bb5c4023e4758bb845be1d246509a>:0)
nuitrack.Nuitrack.Init (System.String config, nuitrack.Nuitrack+NuitrackMode mode) (at <4a8bb5c4023e4758bb845be1d246509a>:0)
NuitrackManager.NuitrackInit () (at Assets/NuitrackSDK/Nuitrack/Scripts/NuitrackManager.cs:255)
NuitrackManager.Awake () (at Assets/NuitrackSDK/Nuitrack/Scripts/NuitrackManager.cs:170)

Before creating the project, I installed all contents(RealSense SDK, Nuitrack SDK and others) what I needed and set System Environment(PATH and Nuitrack_Home) correctly.

This is the information about my environment :

  1. Windows 10 x64
  2. Nuitrack v0.32.0 and Nuitrack SDK v1.17.0
  3. Intel RealSense D435 and SDK v2.38.1

I hope you give me right ways to solve this problem :slight_smile:

Oh, I forget to write the information about my unity version.

I’m using 2019.4.6f1.

Hi @kyw

nuitrack_InitializeFromConfig_E symbol was added to Nuitrack SDK v1.8.0. It seems you need to use Nuitrack SDK v1.7.0 or upgrade Nuitrack Runtime to v0.33.0. Please refer to Compatibility of the latest Nuitrack runtime and SDK versions for more details.

Hi @mikhail.khayrislamov

Thank you for your suggestion, but I have another problem.

I refer to the hyperlink and follow steps as you suggest :

If you’re running your Unity project with the Nuitrack runtime v0.33.0 and see the following exception:

NuitrackException (TerminateException): WARNING: Cannot load library module: C:\Program Files\Nuitrack-AI\nuitrack\nuitrack/middleware/NuitrackModule.dll
ERROR: TBB version mismatch: runtime library version is 9102, but the application was compiled with the 11102 version!

follow the steps below (refer to the Intel® Threading Building Blocks documentation for more details):

  • close the Unity editor;
  • replace the TBB library in your Unity editor with the library from Nuitrack:
    • Windows : copy the tbb.dll library from %NUITRACK_HOME%/bin to your Unity editor folder (for example, C:\Program Files\Unity\Hub\Editor\2019.4.8f1\Editor );
    • Linux : copy the libtbb.so.2 library from /usr/local/lib/nuitrack/ to your Unity editor folders (for example, /home/user/2019.3.3f1/Editor and /home/user/2019.3.3f1/Editor/Data/Tools );
  • run the Unity editor again.

I replace the TBB library in your Unity editor with the library from Nuitrack.

But When I press ‘play’ button, Unity crashes “Unity has stopped working” and then Unity closes.

I try to run Unity as Administrator, it doesn’t work.

How can I solve this problem ?

Hi @kyw

please tell what steps did you follow: install Nuitrack v0.33.0 or use Nuitrack SDK v1.7.0 with Nuitrack v0.32.0?
Try to install Nuitrack version from scratch (uninstall all previous versions of Nuitrack, install the new one and restart your system). Also please note there is no need to set environment variables manually (this step is done automatically).

Hi @mikhail.khayrislamov

I try to install Nuitrack v0.33.0 after uninstall all previous versions of Nuitrack(v0.32.0) and re-boot my PC.

Then, I replaced tbb.dll file from %NUITRACK_HOME%/bin to C:\Program Files\Unity\Editor.


could you please attach Unity log/dump files after you get an error? Thanks.


Thank you for your reply,

Here’s my Unity log/dump files after I get an error :

  1. UnityBugReport.DMP

  2. Editor.log

  3. ump.log

Is it right to attach like this?

I’m sorry that I’m a beginner in Unity, so I don’t know what is right.


thank you for provided log files! Could you please check whether C++ examples from %NUITRACK_HOME%/bin work properly?


please refer to Unity Crashes on Play thread and try workaround solution mentioned in the I got it to work … post.

Looking forward to your feedback.

Hi @mikhail.khayrislamov

Sorry I’m late for reply.

I check C++ example works properly.

And I follow your suggestion, re-install NUITRACK v0.33.0 then it works properly !

Thanks for your help ! :slight_smile: