Tracking a User/Skeleton against a Wall

I’ve just started playing around with the C# wrapper of the Nuitrack SDK with my Intel RealSense D435, and I’m wondering how I might identify/track a user who is against standing against a wall, or laying down on a bed (with the camera above them, looking down).

I’ve been using the C# example from the official Nuitrack documentation, and when I view myself backing up into a wall, the SkeletonTracker eventually loses sight of me. There’s a visible color distinction between the wall and my silhouette, but I would like to know if it’s possible for me to lower the difference in depth needed to identify a User. I’m still fishing through the documentation for any possible leads, but any input on this matter would be greatly appreciated. :smile:

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Hi alfredw,

Please try the solution below:

However, we cannot guarantee that this option will work when a user is laying on a bed because the background should be static (such as a wall, for example).