Using 2 camera with Unity


I’m looking for a tutorial or any tips to use 2 camera Intel realsense with Unity. I’ve searched on the internet but i’ve found nothing.


Hi @FlorentJ
Describe in more detail your use case. What do you want to achieve with two cameras?

Hi, Thanks for your reply.

I have to project a video game on the ground using a video projector. I have limited space to install the tracking cameras. If I install one I unfortunately cannot see both players and therefore track them. So I have to install one camera per player to be able to track them.
How can I use two tracking cameras in unity? I just need to recover their positions to make a game object move.

Any update or tips or anythings else ?

Unfortunately, at the moment, nuitrack does not support the use of multiple cameras in one project., but we can discuss it within a custom development contract if you’re interested.
you can contact by email: