0.25.0 version can not get 60 FPS with D415 camera

Just installed Nuitrack 0.25.0 (x86 version) and Realsense 2.16.5 on Windows 7.

Everything looks great, but I can not get 60FPS.
The config is updated to Raw 848x480 60FPS @RGB, but the resulting max FPS is only 26.

When I am using the same config on Win10 machine with Nuitrack v0.24.0 , the 60FPS does work.

Have you tested the new release on Win7 at 60FPS?

Hi Alex,

We have checked Nuitrack on Windows 7 and it seems that 1280x720 resolution with 60 FPS isn’t supported by RealSense. You can check it yourself by running realsense-viewer.exe and setting this mode for a depth stream.
With 60 FPS, 848x480 resolution is possible.

To set this resolution for Nuitrack:

  1. Open nuitrack.config and find the section "Realsense2Module"

  2. Add the following lines to "Realsense2Module.Depth":

    "RawWidth": 848,
    "RawHeight": 480,
    "FPS": 60,

@olga.kuzminykh the resolution was already defined to 848x480, as I mentioned it already works on windows 10 at 60 FPS, the problem happens only on windows 7 (by using the same config file).
The Realsense viewer shows frames at 59 FPS, but Nuitrack processes them at 30FPS.

Have you tested on you side and got 60 FPS on win7?

We’ll check the latest Nuitrack version on Win 7 and let you know.
Please advise what sample do you run?

Please set FPS to 60 for Color stream as well. Add the following line to "Realsense2Module.RGB" section:

"FPS": 60,