3D image camera D415

I have been able to install the camera with the configuration of the example in C sharp, SDK v0.34.0, W10, VS 2019, when I run the program I get this image. Is there a way to see it in 3D. Thanks for the help.


I am using the free license, this is why the 3D does not work?

Someone give me a hand, please !!

I am using a free Nuitrack license, I want to know if when I buy the pro license, I can use the 3d features of my D415 camera in C #. That is to say, now doing tests with the free license there is very little I can do, I would have thought that I could use all the functions as a test. I really need to know this or how I can contact someone from Nuitrack for more information. It is very frustrating to write for a couple of days and no one responds like this is out of courtesy.

Dear Jesus!

Sorry for a delayed reply.

You can download the Nuitrack SDK for Unity, which has a Point Cloud for displaying depth maps in 3D.
Also check out this tutorial.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.