About human measure

Hello, I have such a need now. I need to use Intel Realsense Camera to measure shoulder width, arm length and leg length. Can you give me a solution? :stuck_out_tongue: In addition, I would like to know how far is the best distance between the camera and the human body.

Hi Nolle,

You can get 3D positions of joints using Nuitrack C++ or C# API. Using this data, you can calculate the distance between the required joints.

As for RealSense, the recommended distance between a user and a sensor is ~1-1.5 meters.

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:man: thank…you…

Hi, I can get the 3D position of joints and calculate the distance between two joints. Can you tell me how to convert the distance value to centimeter or meter ?
Many Thanks.

Hi Charles,

millimeters are used to set coordinates of joints in Nuitrack SDK. You have to divide distance in mm (millimeter) by 10 to convert it to cm (centimeter) and divide by 1000 to convert it to m (meter).