Access Realsense D435 HD color stream through Nuitrack

I’m exploring the use of Nuitrack SDK for an AR application and I would like to access the HD color stream of my Realsense D435.

I’ve changed the following lines of the nuitrack config file used to initialize the SDK:

"Realsense2Module": {
        "Depth": {
            "ProcessMaxDepth": 5000, 
            "ProcessWidth": 640, 
            "ProcessHeight": 480, 
            "Preset": 5, 
            "PostProcessing": {
                "SpatialFilter": {
                    "spatial_iter": 0, 
                    "spatial_alpha": 0.5, 
                    "spatial_delta": 20
                "DownsampleFactor": 1
            "LaserPower": 1.0
        "FileRecord": "", 
        "Depth2ColorRegistration": false, 
        "RGB": {
            "ProcessWidth": 1920,  <--------------------
            "ProcessHeight": 1080 <--------------------

When I try to access the color data in my code, the dimensions of the color stream are 1920 x 1080, however, when I display the color frame, the resolution still seems to be 640 x 480.

Furthermore, the getOutputMode() method of the color sensor seems to be buggy as it always returns the same values xres = 0 and yres = 1769903552.

Hi Schnigges,

You can add “RawWidth” and “RawHeight” options to the Realsense2Module.RGB section.

You can try to set compatible values in accordance with RealSense SDK.

“ProcessWidth”, “ProcessHeight” is a resolution which raw input stream will be resized into (it will be upscaled/downsampled and cropped to fit aspect ratio if needed).

Please note that changing these parameters may lead to performance issues.