Access Violation (0xc0000005) is occurred at app closing

Hi all,

I develop Apps using Nuitrack and RealSense, but Apps cause 0xc0000005 issue at 0x000000000144B4F6 (libnuitrack_ni.dll).
It’s occurred when apps returns from main function.
I create it based on your sample program (nuitrack_gl_sample), it’s occurred same issue.
This issue is always caused on same dll.
My environment is following,

  • OS : Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  • IDE : Visual Studio 2019 Community (16.2.5)
  • Language : C++
  • Nuitrack : 0.29
  • NuitrackSDK : 1.4.1
  • Sensor : RealSense D415
  • RealSenseSDK : 2.25.0

Could you tell me the solution ?

Best regards,

Hi Shigeyasu,

What for do you use libnuitrack_ni.dll in your application? This library is required for OpenNI cameras (such as Orbbec) but not for RealSense. You can try to unregister the Nuitrack dynamic module for OpenNI 1.5 in this way:

"C:\Program Files\OpenNI\Bin64\niReg64.exe" -u <install-folder>\nuitrack\bin\libnuitrack_ni.dll <install-folder>\nuitrack\data

Hi Olga,

I could resolve this issue !
Why I registered libnuitrack_ni.dll to my app, I don’t know.
Maybe, it’s might be garbage while development.

Thank you for your cooperation !