Access violation or just crash

Hi, I am using Nuitrack and I want just to get the skeleton data (joints) back from every frame in Windows Forms app and I faced w issues like access violation or program crashing. I don’t need a interface or anything because I want to combine it w other skeleton tracking software so I just need a skeleton data everytime I ask for them.

Thank in advance

Do you have problems with your (custom) application or with the applications from the Nuitrack SDK? Could you provide more information?
In Nuitrack, there is no way to get the skeletonization result for every frame. Nuitrack is well-optimized, but a frame skip is possible if there is not enough CPU power and / or if the required FPS is too high.
We cannot guarantee that it’s possible to combine Nuitrack with other skeleton tracking software, especially if they use the same sensor.

My custom application.
I need to combine it w some other skeleton tracking sdk and yes, i use 2 different D435i depth cameras.
I don’t need a skeleton from each frame, but i need to get skeleton joints, if they are found, every time i call your UpdateNuitrack() method.
I don’t know if there’s a problem because i use it w other skeleton tracking sdk but i use 2 devices as i said before.
My goal is to combine two devices but i didn’t find a way to do such a thing w your only sdk so i need to combine it. If i overlooked something, please refer me to valid and possible solution.

We have not considered yet the possibility of Nuitrack working simultaneously with multiple sensors. However, support for multiple cameras with Nuitrack is in our road map. You’ll be able to switch between several sensors connected to one PC. In your case, you can try to implement NuitrackListener, which will constantly receive and update data in a separate stream using waitUpdate(). When you need data from Nuitrack, you can simply take the latest ones. For more accurate synchronization, you can use the timestamp of the data received from Nuitrack.