Accessing one Realsense Sensor with Nuitrack and Realsense SDK in Unity

I am trying to access one realsense sensor in Unity with Nuitrack SDK and the Realsense SDK at the same time. I need to get a pointcloud stream from the Realsense SDK and combine it with the Skeleton Tracking of Nuitrack. When starting the scene the pointcloud appears. When making T-Pose Unity just quits without any error or crash. Is there a way to setup Nuitrack SDK and the Realsense SDK to access the same sensor without any trouble or would it be better to use two sensors - one for each SDK? I would prefer to use just one. Next potential problem when using multiple sensors: at the realsense SDK I can adress the sensor wiht its ID - but how to do so in Nuitrack?

Dear Jens.

Using two SDKs with a single sensor at the same time is highly undesirable, since the system blocks access to the sensor for one process at runtime.
You can experiment with the initialization order of the RealSense and Nuitrack SDK in Unity, but if you run the two SDKs successfully, they will be extremely unstable.
You can use the point-cloud from the Nuitrack SDK.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you.

Is it possible to get point-cloud only representing the person, and filter all other data representing background and other objects?

Yes, it is possible. Watch the All Modules Scene, you can disable background in the settings. NuitrackSDK have for your project, the FrameProvider components for getting a frame from a sensor (RGB, Depth, Segment), FrameMaker for mixing a depth map (or RGB) will be useful to you. Also study scene AR Nuitrack, with a few changes you will be able to get a point cloud\mesh without background.