Accessing RGB Color Module from another program while Nuitrack is running

I’m using Nuitrack in Unity (Windows) with RealSense D415 Camera to track user Skeleton.
As far as I understand only the Depth Module is required to run to detect the user skeleton?
Is it possible to configure Nuitrack to keep the Color Module available?
To be able access the the Color (RGB) Module from a different app/script running in parallel to Unity/Nuitrack?

I’m able to do so so with the default Intel RealSense Viewer.
If I only turn on the Sereo Depth Module, I’m still able to access the color module from other windows apps/processes (e.g. the default windows camera app).

Is the same configuration possible in Nuitrack?
I turned off the “Color Module On” option in Unity “NuitrackScripts” prefab, and also tried to comment out
anything related to:
colorSensor = nuitrack.ColorSensor.Create();
inside the NuitrackManager.cs script

Skeleton tracking still works fine, but it seems Nuitrack is still occupying the RGB Color Module on the D415.

It also doesn’t work the the other way. If I run an app that is using the RGB Module first and then try to launch my Unity project, Nuitrack would not initialize.


Hi yurikleb,

Please try the following:

  1. Open nuitrack.config (nuitrack-win64\nuitrack\data)
  2. In the "DepthProvider" section, set the value of "RGB" to "Off" (default value is "Auto").
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That worked great!
Without any other changes in the Unity Nuitrack script.
Many thanks!

While waiting for a response, as a backup plan, I made a housing which enables attaching the insides of a webcam (Logitec C615) below the RealSense Camera.

Don’t need it anymore, but maybe will come handy in a future project where I might need 2 RGB feeds. LOL :smiley:

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Haha, that looks amazing.

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Your cover for the realsense is very unique. I have a show coming up and I would like to house my realsense in your cover. Are you willing to share your drawings?


You can laser cut this cover:

And 3D print this frame:

Double sided tape works very well to attach the parts together and the camera to the cover.

Also this adapter is very handy for the setup: