Accuracy of gestures

Hi there,
I wanted to ask out of all these gestures below, which one seems to be the most accurate? Specifically, which of these gestures is less likely to be triggered inadvertently ?


My application uses the “Swipe Right” gesture but every time I, or someone else, stands in front of the camera (realsense d415) for more than a few seconds, the gesture is triggered although the user has not made this gesture at all.

Can this be improved somehow or is there a gesture that seems to give more reliable results?

Hi Giovanni,

Please record a .bag file, which shows your issue, using the realsense-viewer tool from RealSense SDK (in Depth Stream Settings, set the resolution to 1280x720, FPS: 30), upload it to any cloud storage and send us the link, we’ll investigate your issue.

Hi Olga, I’m unable to supply the .bag file at the moment…

However please see the two following videos that show the error: (first 20 seconds)

What gesture recognition algorithm do you use? Is it your custom recognizer?

Gesture recognition quality depends on many factors, such as the distance between a user and a sensor, skeleton tracking quality, and so on. We recommend to limit the distance: for example, if a user is standing further than 1.5 m from the camera, gestures are not detected. In you case, it seems that the gesture was triggered due to errors in skeleton tracking (when you sat down, the skeleton “broke”, the joint was detected incorrectly).