Acquiring skeleton tracking data

Hi does anyone know how I would be able to record a video of skeleton tracking and then get the skeleton data for it to analyse?

Maybe this tutorial will help you?

Hi Fedor,

Thanks for the response however I am planning on displaying just the simple skeleton tracking as I am using it to help aid coaching in sporting activities. Sorry I should have mentioned this in my first question but I am using the pynuitrack wrapper and want to use nuitrack with python. Is there any code available for running nuitrack in python and being able to record the skeleton tracking and save the joint coordinates to a text file?

Dear Charles Hutchings.

Look at this:

You can learn more about pynuitrack.

The original Nuitrack does not provide the ability to write the skeleton in any format. You need to implement this yourself.

You have two ways.

  1. When using the RealSense sensor, you can record video with depth using the RealSense utility. You can then specify this video as a data source in Nuitrack and record the skeleton via the python shell.
  2. Write the skeleton live from the source data from Nuitrack via the python shell.

Please let me know if you have any other questions