Activate license without sensor

Hi, I’m new with nuitrack and would like to use it for my thesis. Right now I am trying to use the trial license with a .bag file for testing ( I currently do not have access to a sensor). However, I am not able to get the trial license to activate. Is there a way to activate it without a sensor?

If not, I would like to know which license suits better for my project. Next week I will have the sensor and want to make sure that I activate the correct license.

Since I won’t have the sensor 24/7, I would like to use it one time to activate the license and then use .bag files as input in Nuitrack. Is there a license for this? Or will I need to connect the sensor every time I want to work with nuitrack? I s this only possible with the free trial or is there any license that will work with .bag files without the 3 mins limit?

I’m sorry but I really want to make sure that I can work with the .bag files once I have the license activated and not depend completely on having the sensor available.

Hi @daniela

Sorry for the delayed reply. Is this question still relevant for you?

  • You can run .bag files only on Trial license if you get other one you’ll still be limited to 3min (so for your case just use Trial one).
  • You’ll have to activate Trial license with a sensor just once. After that you can run .bag files w/o sensor
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