Adding Multiple Cameras to Nuitrack

Hi All,

I want to know if its currently possible to add an extra camera to the Intel D435 camera. I want to use multiple camera to track users hands. I this possible with the New SDK update ??



Hi Sean,

At the moment, support for multiple sensors connection with Nuitrack is not in our road map.


Are there any changes in Nuitrack road map about multiply cameras?

Hi ruban,

Yes, support for multiple cameras with Nuitrack is in our road map. You’ll be able to switch between several sensors connected to one PC. In this case several Nuitrack processes can be run on the same PC, however, each Nuitrack process will be performed using one camera (2 processes - 2 cameras, etc.).

Thank you fo reply Olga.
Can you name roughly when you plan to release SDK with this functionality? Is it possible to take part in beta-testing of that release?

We’re planning to add support for multiple cameras in March.

Is this still happening ?

Hi Adrian,

What do you mean? At the moment, we’re at the stage of active development of this feature (adding support for multiple sensor connection).

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Hi Olga, when will the new version with multi-camera support be available?

Currently, this is on pause because we’re working on another task with a higher priority, which is also a basis for multi-cam support.

Hi Olga, many people have already asked the same question, but.
Is the multi-camera support available?

Hi Takashi,

Currently, Nuitrack works with only one sensor. Support for multiple sensors will be added in one of the next Nuitrack releases.

Could you teach us the current schedule of next Nuitrack releases?

Are there any updates regarding multiple sensor support?
Any chance you could share some details on what features will be included?

Looking forward to test this feature with D435 sensors for improved tracking results.

@olga.kuzminykh @iosif.semenyuk

Are there any updates on when multiple cameras might be available? or the ability to select an individual camera from several connected cameras.

There’s currently no support for multiple sensors with Nuitrack. We’re working on this feature, however, the exact time frame is yet to be determined.

Hi, is there any news on the (roadmap for the) possibility of using multiple cameras? Thanks a bunch!

A roadmap would be great. This feature is becoming increasingly important for us.

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