Align skeleton with RGB image

Is there a way to display both depth and skeleton tracking on different canvas in same scene on Unity.
I am currently using Intel’s realsense D435 and want to get the depth and RGB+skeleton scene set up.

While trying to get the RGB+skeleton running, the skeleton does not match up with the RGB as seen in image


I can get the RGB image and Depth image running together but cannot align the skeleton on the RGB image.
I also have the DepthProvider.Depth2ColorRegistration set to true.

Any help/ideas would be appreciated.

Hi Niyati,

Did you check our Unity tutorial projects, for example, Displaying Skeletons on an RGB Image or Creating a 3D Point Cloud?

Hey yes i am using both of them to create my scene. But i am having issues trying to align the skeleton to the RGB screen

Did you send the screenshots from your app?
Please try to run our “RGB and Skeletons” Unity project and send us the screenshots.
If there are any errors in Unity log, the output would be also useful for us.

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