App Crash combining with native unity RGBFrame tutorial and async loading


We have come out a project which can 100%(?) duplicate this issue (4/4) based on your RGB template in the tutorail for async loading. The App will crash in about 2 mins after you have started it.
Please find it under this link. And the credential is “nuitrack”.

Hi Alex,

With your script, RGB textures remain in memory after they’re shown. As a result, memory is filled. You can edit the script DrawColorFrame and add the deletion of a texture after it’s used:

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.UI;

public class DrawColorFrame : MonoBehaviour
     [SerializeField] RawImage background;

     void Start()
          NuitrackManager.onColorUpdate += DrawColor;

     Texture2D bgTexture; //new line

     void DrawColor(nuitrack.ColorFrame frame)
          Destroy(bgTexture); //new line
          bgTexture = frame.ToTexture2D(); //new line
         background.texture = bgTexture; //modified

In this code, the texture is saved to bgTexture, shown and destroyed before it’s used again.