Appcrash with exception c0000005

I’m troubleshooting an application that we’ve built in Unity using NuiTrack. It worked well for several weeks, but now crashes frequently and causes a cascade of other windows processes to also crash afterwards. Looking into the windows reliability report, the cascade often starts with NuitrackModule.dll with an exception code c0000005. I am not super familiar with the exception, but it looks like the subsequent failures are also related to memory access violations or buffer overruns. Do you have any ideas on what might be causing this issue?

Hello @sfpPro
Which sensor are you using? Can you provide a log?

Hi Stepan,
I am using an Azure Kinect 4K with driver version 10.0.22621.2506
Looking at the windows reliability report, I see my Unity 2020.3.8 exe crashes and that the fault module is the NuitrackModule.dll.
The crash is sudden enough that I am not catching it in my unity logs.
This crash causes a number of other processes to fail and eventually results in windows crashing. I believe the issue is that the machine runs out of memory. What other details can I provide that would be helpful?

  1. Has anything changed during this time? Usb cables, PC configuration, etc
    If you run it on a “clean” PC, will something change?
  2. Have you tried to monitor memory leaks while working?

Have your problems been fixed?