Are Unity samples working?

Is there any extra configuration that I need to address before using the samples(tutorials) in the Unity package? User segmentation doesn’t work, but I was able to animate a skeleton manually.

But when I connect TVico to a TV via hdmi, I can correctly see the user segmentation.

I’m using TVico with a wifi hotspot.


I think I found the answer:

For Linux and Windows desktops, there is a limitation in the current Nuitrack version: only skeleton data can be transferred via wireless connection.

If you connect TVico to an Android device, you can transfer all data (depth, user masks, skeleton).

Am I right? Is this going to be implemented for Windows desktops anytime soon?

The DrawSegmentation example (as well as the DrawSegment.cs file) still won’t work for me, even on Android. Any ideas?

Indeed, if you connect Tvico and the PC (on which the application is running) via Wi-Fi, then only the skeleton is transmitted due to network restrictions

If you need a PC application, then it is better to use sensors from the list
You can also build an android application and run it on TVico