Astra Stereo S U3 Support

Hi, I’m doing some researching and POC work for a skeletal tracking application and I’m looking a the new Orbbec Astra S U3 as a potential candidate for the depth image source. However, I do not see it listed in the supported devices list. Any plans on adding support for it in Nuitrack?


We have official support for Orbbec Astra S. We haven’t tested Orbbec Astra S U3 and will discuss support for this camera at our next technical meeting.

Hi Iosif, thanks for getting back to me. Could you let us know what the outcome will be? Cheers

After receiving the device in hand and testing, we plan to add it to the list of supported devices. This will be noted on our website and we will also include this information in our newsletter.

Hi Iosif,

thanks for the update, very much appreciated.

As a CTO I know how hard it can be to answer these type of questions :wink:, but could you give a rough timeline estimate of when we can expect this support to be released?


We plan to add support in the next couple of months.