Avatar model rises up after tracking start

My env: Realsense d435, unity 2018.3, windows 10

Hi Dear Nuitrack support,

I have 2 related issues.

Issue 1:
I run the tutorial example Avatar Animation\RiggedAvatar. Once the camera starts tracking, the unity chan avatar goes up about 0.25 (meter). I noticed the issue when i use an Ironman model from internet (T-pose). I then run RiggedAvatar, it’s the same. Is it because of indirect mapping, or sth else? Is there any fix?

Issue 2:
This might be the model issue. But if you can shed some light, i’d really appreciate it. I use Ironman model and replace unity chan model in your example RiggedAvatar2. Once the camera starts tracking, my Ironman model starts shrinking, like half size than my “run” model. The Ironman model is, however, created super small in the first place. I need to scale it up to 100 times so that it looks like a real man height. When I use it with RiggedAvatar example, it didn’t shrink. It makes me wonder, that for RiggedAvatar2 direct mapping, it may use somehow shortened size of skeleton and thus the whole model shrinks. Did you happen to run into similar situation before?


Hi Alan,

Issue 1:
You have two options: 1) set and fix a certain height position; 2) add an offset to the skeleton joint position, for example: (base joint position before start) - (base joint position after you received skeleton data and it changed). As an example, you can take a look at the script RiggedAvatarAdvanced in our NuitrackSDK.unitypackage. After this, the model will be “attached” to the floor.

Issue 2:
The scale of joints should be (1, 1, 1). It seems that you place the model and begin to change its size, which results in (100, 100, 100). Instead, you have to increase the size in the model import settings: find a model (ironman.fbx or something like that) and change its Scale Factor. After that, drag-and-drop the model to the scene.

Thank you Olga. I will try what you suggested.