Azure Kinect never happening?

Is there something fundamental that’s holding up support for Azure Kinect? It’s been 2 years since it came out.

Would be good to know if we should stop holding our breaths for it.

Dear @sinjin, the reason is simple - limited demand.
Technically it is completely feasible, but is always “shadowed” by paid requests.
It is possible to lift-up this feature for specific customer through the Nuitrack license prepayment.
If you are interested please reach us through enterprise request on
cc @a.potopahin

Nuitrack needs upfront money from a donor to be convinced to support the latest hardware because there is no demand for the latest kinect?

Dear @sinjin, we understand your concerns, this is not about convincing, this is all about resources and focus - we had/have a number of paid projects with 3rdparty vendors on adding support for their sensors and/or add custom features for them.
In this case it is difficult to “push” Kinect Azure support - we will definitely add it, but we just couldn’t specify timeline for it having a number of ongoing paid projects. That’s why custom development is a direct way to push this feature (or any other feature).
As for demand amount - currently RealSense taking 90-95% of our market (and as you know it is not directly correlated to the hardware/depth map quality). Any other (including previous revisions of Kinect) takes marginal part of our market.
cc @a.potopahin @olga.kuzminykh

Hi Andrew, Thanks for the transparency appreciate that. I didn’t realize that RealSense made up most Nuitrack users. It sounds like Orbecc is also commissioning devlopment, their new TOF sensor concept is looking great btw.

So the reason why I thought Azure Kinect would be a priority, is because it’s the highest quality sensor on the market yet doesn’t have working body-tracking. But as you said, there are some more complex inner-workings guiding your dev decisions… $$ and marketshare.

My 2 cents on marketshare: the first 2 Kinects had great body-tracking that worked out of the box so their would be no reason to get third-party tracking for them. Hence no market share.

But Microsoft really shit the bed with the Azure Kinect body tracking, so if Nuitrack supported it I bet your marketshare for Azure Kinect would be way higher than you think.

It would surely bring a lot of developers to Nuitrack, they’re all looking for solutions right now, most are switching to lower quality sensors.

Food for thought!

Dear @sinjin,

we are very happy to announce that Azure Kinect support was added in the latest Nuitrack release. Please feel free to try it out. We will be very grateful for your feedback.

Congrats! Built a few of the examples today and they work great.

Going to try and integrate into our project!