*Bag file playback fps

Hello everyone! I’m writing about the following. I have the recordings as *.bag files. They only come in depth channel and were recorded in 60fps. I’d like to determine the position of the skeleton for each of the available frames.

The easiest way I can do it is by example “nuitrack_gl_sample”.

But there is a problem here. From what I understand, the nuitrack somehow emulates my device. OpenGl will not display each of avaible frame (60 fps is not possible), so it will not calculate the skeleton position for each frame.

What the example proragm is processing is

Timestep frame number
1583490642984161 391
1583490643001311 392
1583490643118020 399
1583490643134848 400
1583490643151412 401

the program omits e.g. frame 393,394,etc.
I would like to ask if it is possible to change the speed of the recording playback ? What i mean play my bag file which for example 5fps?

This feature is not officially supported. This mode is used only as a debugging tool. In addition, you can use it only with a trial license, which is limited to three minutes.