Black pants fail to recognise

Recently,I use nuitrack tool to test some features.when i wear black pants,the test didn’t looks well,we can’t see the deep info of the user’s lower part,just have upper part,the test distance was about 3 meters away from camera.But when the user go close to the camera the deep info looks normal.

I use ORBBEC Astra pro 3D camera,and the nuirack version is 0.35.6.

Now I want to know does nuitrack have slove this recognize problem? meanwhile do you have some good ideals for this problem for me?


Hi @dzc,

it is known issue for some combinations of depth sensors and clothes material.
It would be helpful to attach some depth maps to check if there is non-zero depth data in these regions.

As a possible workaround - Nuitrack AI doesn’t 100% rely on depth data to estimate skelton (it also uses RGB data), did you try Nuitrack AI in your conditions?

thanks for your response and help,actually i use Nuitrack AI license.for your suggestion i would add a test video on the attchment,you cound check it.

Thank you~