C# sample code 'Nuitrack AI' license activation problem

Hello. I’ve been tested c# sample code on Nuitrack Trial version.

Then, I bought Nuitrack AI version and Activated it using sdk.

The Problem is c# sample code still in Nuitrack Trial version.

So How can I activate Nuitrack AI version in C# sample code? Is there any functions dealing with this?

Hi @jacob,

Sorry for a delayed reply.
You can activate Nuitrack from your C# application like this.

Hi @jacob ,

How are you? Has your issue been solved?
Would be great if you could provide some reply/feedback, we will be ready to help.

Hello. @vadim.bazhin

It’s been solved.

I recognized It’s already well activated when I tried to activate using Nuitrack SDK.

What I really want to know was How i can use CNN Model in Inference.

And I added below source code. and it’s solved.

Nuitrack.SetConfigValue(“Skeletonization.Type”, “CNN_HPE”);

Anyway. Now, I have no promblem.

Thanks you for your answer.