Calling Nuitrack::init() results in "thread 0x... has exited with code 3 (0x3)"

I’m currently trying-out the Nuitrack SDK on a C++ Windows app with an Intel RealSense D415.
But calling the Nuitrack::init() API results in an error:

I’ve debugged it and it fails in the Nuitrack::init call.
There isn’t even an Exception, the app just crashes.
I checked and 0x3 means ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND, though I don’t know what path can’t be found.

I’m not using a custom config, so I expect the init() call to use the default config = “”.
It’s the same as the nuitrack_console_app sample, which by the way, I’ve successfully built and ran OK.

I’ve checked the other topics in this forum.

  • I got both the nuitrack_console_app and nuitrack_gl_app both working OK.
    • I copied the project setup:
      • I referenced the include directory for the .h files.
      • I referenced the lib/win64 directory for the nuitrack.lib file.
      • I placed the win64 .dll’s in the same folder as the output directory (where the app’s .exe file is run).
  • I’ve set my NUITRACK_HOME env var to point to the <install-folder>
    (ex. E:\Nuitrack\nuitrack-win64\nuitrack)
  • I’ve added the bin folder to the PATH env var
    (ex. E:\Nuitrack\nuitrack-win64\nuitrack\bin)

What am I missing?
Is there an issue that I installed the OpenNI in C:/ but all my projects are in another drive?
Is this because I’m still using the Trial version?

Environment Details

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Visual Studio 2017
  • Nuitrack SDK 1.3.3 (TRIAL)
  • OpenNI-Win64-1.5.7
  • Intel RealSense D415

Thank you!

OK, I’ve managed to get it to work past the init() call.

All I did was to rebuild everything making sure to explicitly select “Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64” as the generator in my CMake config. I have multiple VS installations, so my initial attempt probably used an incorrect config. (Though, the error still wasn’t really helpful to figure this out.)