Camera for PC/Android applications (Astra VS TVico)

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I recently chose to use Nuitrack SDK with Unity on PC and Android, which Nuitrack seems to support now. I was about to get an Orbbec Astra Pro camera to use with Nuitrack when I discovered the existence of the TVico.

I already know I won’t need a standalone version, like TVico offers. My question is, is there any real advantage to take a TVico over an Astra Pro for me? (in terms of compatibility, easy to use, wifi connection).

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TVico is already an Android device + camera. TVico processes the skeleton internally and transfers the data to the host.
Orbbec Astra PRO, on the other hand, requires a connection to an Android device for Nuitrack to work.
That is, the advantage of TVico is the unloading of the host processor, but at the expense of data transfer latency.
There are no fundamental differences between Astra PRO cameras and a TVico sensor.

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Thanks a lot for your detailed answer!

I find it very interesting that the processing part could is fully deported for the TVico, especially when used for an Android app with limited resources. I can yet imagine a drawback when used with a PC, if I understood correctly the only available data then is skeleton tracking (no access to RGB/depth sensor). But I guess this is because of network limitations.

Indeed, if you connect Tvico and the PC (on which the application is running) via Wi-Fi, then only the skeleton is transmitted due to network restrictions