Camera rotation

Astra Pro and Nuitrack SDK 0.36.1 version is in use.
However, the rotation of the depth camera and the RBG camera is different.
Changing the rotation value from 0 to 90 outputs the opposite output of the two screens.

The nuitrack.config settings are as follows.

"DepthProvider": {
    "RotateAngle": "0", 
    "RGB": "Auto", 
    "Depth2ColorRegistration": false, 
    "Mirror": false

I’d appreciate it if you could answer.

Hi @firehouse750, we’re sorry for some delay with reacting to this issue.

I’d appreciate it if you could answer.

Sure, we will reproduce and resolve as a priority matter.
Could you please confirm specific sensor model - is it Astra Pro or newer Astra Pro Plus model?


It has been resolved by changing to the option above.
What exactly is CameraID?

Hi @firehouse750,

If a webcam or other sensors are connected to the PC, then the Astra Pro sensor can capture their RGB stream instead of its own.
If this still happened, then using the CameraId parameter, you can insert the RGB stream index from Astra Pro to solve this problem.
Unfortunately, to do this, you need to sort through several options, the correct option is usually in the range from 0 to 10.

Thank you for your reply.

Hi @firehouse750,

How are you? Has your issue been solved?
Would be great if you could provide some reply/feedback, we will be ready to help.