Can I control the sensor's skeleton recognition distance?

Hi, I purchased Nuitrack Pro, and working on a Unity3D project using a realsense D435 sensor.

Because of my project, I want to get the skeleton at a distance of about 3m from the sensor.

I know that D415 has better recognition rate than D435, But I need D435’s FOV.

I modified “RawWidth”, “RawHeight” In ‘Nuitrack.config’ file but did not get the results I wanted and not find much information.

I thought that if I controlled the recognition distance and eliminated other variables, I could raise the recognition rate.

Can I control the minimum/maximum recognition distance of the skeleton in Nuitrack.config?

Sorry for my poor English.

You can try changing the maximum distance values for segmentation and skeletonization in the config file (“Skeletonization.MaxDistance”, “Segmentation.MAX_DISTANCE”).
Also please note that Nuitrack isn’t intended to be used at large distances. Recommended tracking distance is 2-3 meters (1-1.5 meters for RealSense cameras).

Thank you for your advice!