Can I make a Unity scene with two realsense D435 running for same process of skelton tracking by Nuitrack?

Can I use two realsense cameras (D430) with running Nuitrack skelton tracking in 1 Unity scene in 1PC at the same time(Windows 10, Unity 2018)?

I could run two realsense point cloud drawing without Nuitrack in one Unity scene in 1 PC.
And Nuitrack tutorial scene of Unity which use one realsense camera was succeeded to run.

So, Is it possible to use two realsense by change script of nuitrack for editing initializing camera with each Serial Number ?

At the moment Nuitrack cannot handle multiple sensors in one process.

Have multiple sensors been supported in Unity Yet?

Hi @caseyfarina,

Nuitrack hasn’t this feature at the moment, it’s in our roadmap, but so far without an exact implementation date. But we can discuss it within a custom development contract if you are interested.