Can I track face alone with D435i & Unity?

I bought Nuitrack Pro,
Can I track only the face with D435i & Unity?
I do not need body tracking …
FaceTracking’s tutorial did not work.

Hi nobuchan,

Nuitrack displays the info about a face only after the user’s skeleton is detected. So, if only your face is visible, Nuitrack won’t display the information. If you’re only interested in face tracking (without any info about skeletons), you can take a look at 3DiVi Face SDK, which is a software for face tracking, detection, and matching. Unlike Nuitrack SDK, 3DiVi Face SDK focuses on processing the data about faces and provides more advanced features in this field.

Please note that by default face tracking in Nuitrack is turned off. To turn on this function, open the nuitrack.config file and set “Faces.ToUse” and “DepthProvider.Depth2ColorRegistration” to true.