Can I use 2 more realsense with just one PC?

I want cover the large area to obtain the skeleton data.

So, I want several realsense working on the just one PC.

Is it possible?

If it possible, Nuitrack SDK will be support calibration that matches coordinates for each realsense?

Thank you.


Nuitrack can provide you with the data (Skeletons, User Segments, etc) fetched from multiple depth sensors (see docs).

Currently, the data coming from different sensors is independent, meaning that User Skeletons would be in the separate coordinate systems.

At the moment, the development of a module that will produce skeletons obtained from different sensors in the same coordinate system (Holistic Skeleton Tracking) along with the calibration tool is in the stage of refining and improving quality and is being prepared for release.
Stay tuned for updates