Cant find the Orbbec Astra plus


I’ve developed with a Real Sense d435 before and now I’m about to change that one to an Orbbec Astra plus that I just got. It’s supposed to work with Nuitrack but I can’t get Nuitrack to detect it. Is there any extra settings I have to do to get it working?

This seems to be an issue with Orbbec and not Nuitrack. I’ll keep the post here and update it later.

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Hi Max!
Have you intsalled orbbec drivers for Windows ?
Also, try to install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 redistributable package (instead of the version for Microsoft Visual C++ 2017). You can download this package on the official Microsoft website.

Looking forward to your response.

Hi Mariya,
i have the same issue where i try to use the nuitrack sdk on orrbec astra plus. It shows the error:
libEGL warning : DRI2 failed to authenticate;
get device list error
can’t enumerate devices, no devices detected.

i have the orrbec astra plus connected on raspberry pi 3b with 64 bit os; and I have download the orrbec driver for it. Could you help me on this problem please?

Hi Max,

Have you managed to solve the problem? i have met the same issue as you.

Hi! It didn’t work. The issue is that Nuitrack uses an old version of the Orbbec sdk. Or they don’t want to use the beta sdk that orbbec uses for the Astra plus. Don’t know how it developed because I bought an Astra pro instead.

But! I talked to Orbbec and their skeleton sdk works like a charm with Astra plus. Contact them and ask for some example and a trial of that if you haven’t seen it.

Hi all,

I believe we should clarify multiple points a bit:

  1. Until recent release of Nuitrack (v0.35.15) only first development revision of Astra+ (w/o housing) was supported (it is referred as “Astra+ Module” at Orbbec’s site)
    We added support for it about year ago, but after that Orbbec completely changed API/SDK to work with depth sensor.

  2. Support for “consumer” revision of Astra+ (with white housing, which is referred as “Astra + Developer kit”) was added recently in May. Please refer to video.

  3. Currently only Windows x64, Linux x64 are supported, so it shouldn’t work with Raspberry Pi.

  4. Orbbeс licensed Nuitrack tracking technology multiple years ago (2016-2017), so effectively Orbbec skeletal tracking could be considered as an outdated version of Nuitrack SDK.

We would be very grateful for any feedback / questions / concerns on the subject.

Closing this topic. Feel free to create new one if you still have questions left.