Can't read bag file anymore


Since I updated Nuitrack 0.28 I can’t read .bag file anymore (using d415 camera)
I get “Critical error detected c0000374” whenever I try to set a path like I used to
(Something like Nuitrack::setConfigValue(“Realsense2Module.FileRecord”, “path”))
Does someone experience the same bug or something changed in the .config file?

Thank you

Hi Shogenn1,

  1. What license do you use?
  2. What version of RealSense SDK do you use?

Starting from Nuitrack v. 0.28.0, you can use Nuitrack with .bag files only with the activated trial license. Trial licenses can be generated in Nuitrack personal account:

Hi Olga,

  1. I use the trial license activated from personnal account
  2. The latest one 1.4.0
  1. What is your RealSense SDK version? It seems that you mentioned Nuitrack SDK version.
  2. Please send us the .bag file that cannot be read so we can check it. You can upload it to any cloud storage and send me the link in a private message or to
  1. I was using librealsense 2.20, I tried to update it to 2.24 but nothing changed
  2. I use the regular recording with the realsense viewer, I can send you one .bag file but I don’t see why It used to work perfectly fine in 0.27 and now it’s impossible, maybe I need the pro version?

No, Pro version is not required. Please record and send us a .bag file.
By the way, what is your OS? Is it 32-bit or 64-bit?


I have a similar issue. After update Nuitrack to 0.28 it failed to start; so I had to upgrade RealSense and OpenCV to 2.21 and 3.4.0 respectively. But the following problem comes when load from a .bag file: as soon as the user enter in the scene, the video stops and the console shows the message:

UVCVideoCapture::open ERROR: can’t find device
Can’t find video camera!
Can’t find Depth camera!
Create DepthProvider: Realsense2DepthProvider
LicenseNotAcquired exception (ExceptionType: 6)
LicenseNotAcquired exception (ExceptionType: 6)
LicenseNotAcquired exception (ExceptionType: 6)

I’m using a licenced Nuitrack Pro activated under version 0.27, and now I’m working with this system:

Ubuntu 18.04, amd64
librealsense2,librealsense2-dbg,librealsense2-dev,librealsense2-udev-rules,librealsense2-utils/bionic 2.21.0-0~realsense0.952
librealsense2-dkms/bionic,now 1.3.6-0ubuntu0 all

Thanks in advance for your help.

I did send you a .bag file
My OS is 64-bit
Thank you

Hi Raul,

Nuitrack Pro won’t work in this case. If you want to use Nuitrack with recorded videos, you should activate Nuitrack Trial (generate a trial key in your personal account).

Hi, Olga,

I have the Nuitrack AI online license and would like to process recorded bag file from Realsense Viewer, which is longer than 3 minutes.

And when my programme runs after a few seconds, the error is always as follows:
RuntimeError: Nuitrack update failed: License not acquired

When I switched to the trial license, it works fine in 3 minutes. But I would like to process video which is longer than 3 minutes.
Is there any way to process such long video with Nuirack?

Best wishes,

Hi @chen,

*.bag file processing is supported only for testing / debugging purposes and not for commercial usage. That’s why it is only supported with Trial license (and not Pro / AI licenses).

Technically it is feasible to process long *.bag files, so we could consider / propose some kind of specialized license for this purpose if you describe your use case in more details.

Hi, @TAG,

Thanks for your quick response!

We are researchers in the university. And there is one ongoing project regarding the body posture analysis of the kid. Since we have collected some long videos with Realsense Viewer in the user study, the next step is to extract skeletons from those data. After testing different methods, we find the Nuitrack is the most reliable solution than others and would like to stick to it.

It would be perfect if we can buy such a specialized license you mentioned or somehow convert our current license.
Could you please tell me how should we proceed to have such a license?

Thank you again!

Hi @chen, let’s continue by e-mail (I already sent a message).