Can't run .bag file anymore "Nuitrack update failed: License not acquired"

Hi, I have been using a .bag file to run a code for around a year now, but now the program stops after exactly 2s on the line nuitrack.update with the error message “License not acquired”.
I changed computers recently and had to reinstall nuitrack and IntelRealSense SDKs. The bag file is unchanged. When running the code:

print("getting version")
print("getting license")

…I used to get the camera info and the license, but not anymore. Now I only get

getting version
getting license

When I open the nuitrack app, I can only use my activation license on a camera. How can I re-license a .bag file?

Here is the bag file I used the most. It was taken with an nuitrack activated intel D455 a few months ago.
20230223_102601 walk around then squat.bag

Thank you,

Hey, @Lossim

Please, take a look at this post:

Hi @gvr,
Thanks for the other post, but it is not my issue. I did run a .bag file in the past on a trial license with an activated sensor. But now with my new computer, I cannot read that previously-OK .bag file like before.

Hi @gvr, if the license is not stored in the .bag file, how can I make it work with this new workstation? Thanks!

Hello, @Lossim.

Sorry for the delayed reply.

Could you, please, tell us more about the order of actions to reproduce the issue?

  • You downloaded the nuitrack → tried to run the bag file without activating any sensor → bag file is not being displayed


  • You downloaded the nuitrack → activated a sensor → tried to run the bag file with recently activated (or re-activated) sensor → bag file is not being displayed

What was the version of the Nuitrack when it did run bag files successfully?

Also, you may try to get the new trial license instead of one you currently have and try to run the bag file.

Hi @gvr ,
Here is what happened in chronological order:

  1. I downloaded Nuitrack on computer 1 in winter/spring 2023.
  2. I activated an L515 and a D455 with that nuitrack.
  3. I used it all spring, summer and fall, both in live and with .bag recordings and it was working well.
  4. I had to return the cameras, but I kept using the .bag recordings in my python code.
  5. Computer 1 crashed in december 2023 so I lost the nuitrack app, but the .bag files were backed up.
  6. I bought computer 2, downloaded Nuitrack again, tried running the .bag files in the same way but it does not work anymore. The file runs for 2sec and then the code stops with the error “License not acquired”.

Unfortunately, I dont have the exact version I had since my first computer won’t turn on, but I think that I downloaded nuitrack for the first time in Q1 of 2023.
I don’t have the cameras anymore so I cannot re-activate the cameras. I can’t do anything with the new trial license I requested.

If the only way to fix this is to re-activate the cameras, I could get them, but another solution would be greatly appreciated!

Let me know if you need anything else. Thank you!

Hey, @Lossim.

Thanks for the detailed explanation. The solution to your issue is to re-activate the cameras.

Let us know if you encounter some other issues.

Hey, @Lossim.

How are you doing? Has your issue been solved? Do you have any other questions that I can help you with?