Compiling a Unity project for Linux

I have a Unity application that uses Nuitrack for skeletal tracking. I do my primary development on a Mac for convenience (for anything not pertaining to skeletal tracking). I successfully completed all the skeletal tracking work on a Windows machine. Now I want to compile everything for Linux as that will be our final target for the software. In the past, I have been able to compile for Linux from my Mac Unity IDE no problem, but I am running into problems pertaining to the Nuitrack dependence. If I want to compile for Linux, do I need to install the Unity IDE on Linux and compile from there? Or can I compile everything from my Mac IDE?

And just to clarify, the application catches and throws the exception “libnuitrack” when I try compiling from OS X and then running on a Linux installation.

We ran Linux builds made on Windows without any problems. I think that Linux builds made on a Mac should work as well.
For linux (ubuntu?), check that everything was done according to the instructions (especially the part with environment variables).