Confusion in the properties of the Hand structure

Hi everybody !

I was wondering what the “click” and “pressure” properties of the Hand structure really correspond to.
I understood that “pressure” corresponds to the clenching of the hand but when I run test its value stays at 0. However the “click” property varies to 0 (false) when my hand is open and 1 (true) when my hand is closed (even though it is a bit glitchy).

How come the clicking value changes when the pressure value stays the same ?
Could it be coming from a bad setup or from a bad camera ?

OS : Win 10
Processor : Amd Ryzen 5 3350G
RAM : 16GB
Hardware : Intel RealSense d435

Hi, I am experiencing exactly the same issue. click property changes when closing my hand, and if not 100% reliable. pressure is always 0. is there any way to get these to properties correctly? thanks!

Hi @superninja,

Currently, for the click gesture only two positions are available: ‘open’ / ‘close’ (‘clenched’ / ‘not clenched’). Intermediate positions are not well defined. The click gesture works based on the resizing of the hand. You can watch a video demo of the “click” property here:

Unfortunately, the “pressure” property does not work at the moment. We’re working on fixing this issue, however, the exact timing is yet unknown.

Hi @superninja,

We fixed the update of the “pressure” property, you can check it in this package. We will add this update to our GitHub repository soon.