Videos of humans performing the gestures?

Maybe a little bit of a silly question, but I just wonder if some of my results are because I’m doing the gestures incorrectly… Would be nice to see some videos of other humans performing them ‘properly’. My success rate is hit or miss, and I have a hard time determining what I did differently on the occasions it does work. A swipe could be done a few ways I think. Waving I guess speed, hand splay, etc could matter. Push too (is there no Pull?). I’ll keep experimenting, thanks in advance!

Study this tutorial to learn more about gestures.

Did I understand correctly that you want to see how a real user should move his hand to trigger a gesture event (for example, a swipe)?

Hi - I did work through that tutorial, it was great. And yes - some video of a real user performing the ‘ideal’ gesture (that’s where the request may sound silly, but I think it would be really helpful actually). Plus any gotchas, subtleties, and/or tribal knowledge you all have accumulated over time would be helpful (like ideal speed, tips & tricks, etc).

Hi @BillDozer42 !

You could check out our sample videos with correct gesture detection (grab, push, swipe).

For swipe gesture:



If you want to fine-tune the grab gesture - use the pressure field.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or video samples.