Connecting to remote server from Ubuntu

Connecting to remote server from Ubuntu

I have an Orbbec Persee with TVico app (Nuitrack server running). When we connect from the VicoVR app from Android it works fine, but when trying to run the nuitrack_console_sample from Ubuntu I have the next error:

I’m trying to connect with the camera by modifying the nuitrack.config file adding the camera IP to the IPAddress field. Is this the rigth way of doing it?

Thank you in advance!!
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Hi Andre,

Wireless connection is available only in Nuitrack C# API. Please check the instructions here.
In two words, you have to use the following code to initialize Nuitrack:

Nuitrack.Init("", Nuitrack.NuitrackMode.DEBUG);
Nuitrack.SetConfigValue("Settings.IPAddress", ""); // TVico IP-address