Coordinate Proj Z


I work on RealSene D415 camera. I would like to retrieve the coordinates of each point of the skeleton. I can get Proj’s X and Y coordinates with Proj.X and Proj.Y but not Z’s. Can you tell me how I can do it please ?


Hi Mélissande,

There’s no such thing as Proj.Z. Screen coordinates are only Proj.X and Proj.Y. Z means depth (distance between a user’s joint and a sensor). You have to use real coordinates, please check out our documentation.

Thank you for your reply.

But can you tell me what is done behind to calculate the projected coordinates? Or you don’t know?

You can use our nuitrack_gl_sample or nuitrack_csharp_sample for reference. In these samples, we show how to get Joint.Real and Joint.Proj coordinates.

I will watch. Thank you for your response.